Monday, August 25, 2008

The first Frankfurt appointment request of the season

It's like the first cuckoo of Spring, or the first bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau across the English Channel - the first Frankfurt Book Fair appointment request of the year.

The first request for an appointment at Frankfurt I received this year arrived by email on 16 July courtesy of a UK book packager - exactly 13 weeks before the appointment (which I hope to attend).

(Come to think of it, that's a trimester if you're pregnant. Maybe news awaits me in Hall 8.)

When did you receive or send your first request? I bet someone can beat my date.

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Mrs. R said...

Mine was June 26th. And I intend to attend for sure. But it will not be in hall 8 or anywhere on the fairgrounds. Does that count to win the little contest here?