Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heads over heels for Frankfurt

On the lighter side of this blog, let us take a moment to talk about fashion. I just finished my wardrobe shopping for Frankfurt! We all know it. Publishing is no Sex in the City. We don’t dress the part. Nevertheless, Frankfurt to me is a look at the international fall collections. (there was one year when EVERYONE was wearing corduroy but me). Let’s not talk about men, here. The typical Frankfurt Book Fair male wears a white shirt, a colorful tie and a grey suit. The women, on the other hand, go shopping before they hit the book walk. At my first job in publishing I was given a check for a 3-figure amount ("nice deal") to go clothes shopping (plus a free massage), and I did what every woman around me was doing: investing in heels. Yes, you can wear heels in Frankfurt! I have a friend who would walk 5 days straight, day and night, in stilettos. My goal every year was not to find comfortable shoes for Frankfurt but to buy comfortable heels for Frankfurt. I have to admit, now that I am older, I don’t do heels anymore because I realized that the book fair is more about books than shoes or fashion. Anyway, I got my clothing shopping done. That’s all I wanted to share.

P.S. Everything is on sale right now.

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