Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chattering classes row

No brainer time. How long do you think it took the Daily Telegraph to decide to print this picture ? Can you imagine if the author had been a man? How much would it have cost Bloomsbury to take this space?
The Julie Myerson storm continues. It may have escaped US readers, so here's a brief re-cap. Author Myerson - a former publicist at Walker Books, incidentally - writes a hard-to-classify book called The Lost Boy (Bloomsbury) which in part tells the story of an unknown Regency watercolourist called Mary Yelloly, who died at the age of 21. So far, so unremarkable. But she combines it with the story of her teenage son Jake, whom she believes has been 'lost' to drugs. She says his behaviour changed, that he became violent and that, as a desperate last measure, they had to throw him out of the house and change the locks.

The furore started after Myerson revealed the details in an interview with the Bookseller, which was then picked up by the Observer. I haven't read the book, so obviously, that qualifies me to comment authoritatively.
So she threw him out because of drugs. What? You mean she survived PlayStation 3? The constant machine-gunning of Call of Duty? The speaking through head-sets? The blank looks when you say 'supper's ready'?

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