Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Yorker Fiction Fanatic

I had previously thought the Emdashes blogger was the person most obsessed with the New Yorker magazine. But the proprietor of The Millions blog has documented a year’s worth of fiction that has appeared in its pages, offering a prĂ©cis of each. Wow! That’s dedication. I just cleared out my tottering pile of the magazine and took it to the recycling bin just last night, especially after considering you can now get the magazine as a digital download.

Another New Yorker-obsessed blogger was Moby Lives (aka, Dennis Loy Johnson, proprietor of Melville House Press) who tracked the ratio of male-to-female authors that appeared in the magazine each week. He came back to blogging a few months ago after a multi-year hiatus (Moby Breaches!). Check it out.

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