Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kindle 2: You can read with one hand

Jeff Bezos visited the Daily Show last night where he had ample opportunity to promote Kindle 2, which started arriving at homes today. Host Jon Stewart is suitably skeptical about the new $359 device, one Bezos touts as allowing you to "read with one hand."


coffee said...

John Stewart is pretty dang funny so i can’t really blame Bezos for laughing like a crazy man

Anonymous said...

I watched the interview and thought it went sideways pretty early on. Too bad, really. The Kindle 2 (I have one) is great, but it is also really expensive.

That said, I really think it (the Kindle) is an important milestone in how people will perform intentional reading pursuits.

That said, the 16-shades of grey don't really give a compelling reason to use the Kindle "one handed". :/