Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Ready to Sqint: Google Puts 1.5 Million Books on Your Phone

Back in October following the Google settlement with the publishers, I predicted that it was only a matter of time before Google Book Search was brought to your cell phone.

Lo and behold, it only took the tech wizards at Google took just three months to launch a mobile version of Google Book Search. They've optimized 1.5 million public domain books to be read on your cellphone or PDA. (Americans have access to them all, while those abroad are limited to half a million).

The books are scanned OCR'd copies, so there may be errors in the transcription, and they flow like any digitized text. One cool feature, provided the screen on your phone is big enough, is the option to split the screen in two and see the original text.

I can only imagine the eyestrain this is going to cause.

If you're reading this on your cell phone, you can try it here -- (though at the time of this writing, it still seem a little buggy).

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