Monday, May 11, 2009

Old book trade figure deemed honourable

Couldn't help smiling this evening as the News related the latest claims for expenses being made by MPs - moat-clearing, lawn mower repair, chauffeurs, pet food, swimming pool was a fabulous list. Then the report singled out those MPs who were truly, in the phrase, 'honorable gentlemen', because they were not claiming for expenses for second homes. Among them was Philip Dunne, Conservative MP for Ludlow and still quite widely known in the book trade because he is the former Chairman of Ottakar's, the chain that eventually merged with Waterstone's. He always seemed absolutely straight up and down when he was at Ottakar's - a man with no side, in the curious English phrase - so it is good to see him singled out for praise; and yes, if you look at his website, he still does look like the Christopher Reeve Superman.

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